Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deja vu, fate and intuition

Everyone tends to have their own ideas of what either of these mean.... and truthfully may never know. Some people believe in psychics. Personally, I feel torn due to con artists and cold readers. if you don't know what I'm talking about look it up on google. Just search cold reading and you'll find tons of books on the subject.

As to the matter at hand I've got to say that I experience these phenemonons very frequently. Sometimes the way things turn out feel as if they are guided by some predestined force.

Case in point: When I was dating the girl that i gave my virginity to. Her and "lily" would hang out at my house with scott from 6th hour on. "Lily" had to be dropped off for her 7th hour class but was free to leave after that. That tended to be the daily routine. Pick the girls up from Hersey high school. trip back to drop her off (it was a 3 minute drive each way) and a second pick up.

One such day I was in a hurry to get her back to school and smashed head on into a neighbor driving that lived 3 houses down. fast forward 2 years later and neither one of our insurances had taken care of her vehicle. I was summoned to downtown chicago to appear for civil court. This ended up as a victory to me because while I was cool and collected, the older asian lady couldn't keep her story together and kept contradicting herself. Needless to say it was ruled in my favor.

On the way back home I had to take the train to another stop where my car was. On this train I would meet the woman that would be my second love (story coming up next post). later in our relationship I found out it was coincidence that we met due to her never taking the brown line, but always taking the red line. For her some force guided her to that train at that precise moment.

Throughout my life this has been a pattern and in these stories to come, some things will be linked and others with be situations gone bad due to not trusting my gut.


  1. I've been going through some hard times lately and I couldn't agree with you more. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I try not to waste time thinking about why it happened.I just accept it and try to figure out a plan of attack on how I'm going to make the incident or situation work for me.

  2. always trust your gut, that's what i learn. in my case, intuition and fate make me arrive at destination without looking at map, also avoid bad day and stuff.
    but sometimes i foreseen the future either in dreams or in the state of absent-minded, strange huh? it will be fate, dejavu, intuition happen all together.

    actually i always to refer it as "the force"(as in star wars) that guide us, to make it less freaky, and more geeky way to see it.
    bottom line, i think we should trust our guts. everything is linked, should just let it flow and follow it.